Messages to my dear friend, Monica, as we share our experiences of being a mother, the things we learn from our little girls, everyday and the lessons we learn from life itself.
A Blog-dialogue across continents, countries and oceans of time and space...
(We last met in 2000 A.D, in India.)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sands of time...

My Dear Monica,

How are you!? It was so lovely to hear from you!! Since we caught-up on FB, I've been following your posts, looking at Raina's pictures with delight and happiness. She's a lovely kid; and I'm proud and joyous that you want us to share our 'everyday lives' with each other. Since I began blogging last year, I thought of sharing my thoughts, daily memories and feelings with you, my friend, via another such blog...

My fond SID memories of days spent with you are incomplete without telling you how much I've missed talking to you, writing to you and sharing my thoughts with you. Just the way we did all those years ago, sitting on the damp south Lawns, at lunch, sharing our food, our laughter, our time... our lives...
Do you recollect watching films like 'Guddu', just to get over the 'DESIGNERS' BLOCK' and escape the frenzied, unrelenting heat of an Ahmedabad summer...Do you remember, we went to that cinema on Ashram Road, and झेल-oed that SRK, Manisha Koirala film,Guddu..

I remember talking to you in our first month together, us building a rapport. How I was drawn to you by your quiet confidence, your no-nonsense attitude and your fun-loving, smiling nature... then came our SID ragging days; you helped me when my leg was infected with Cellulitis (thanks to working in an Acute Ward in the NHS, I now know what it was) on the day of our so-called Talent Show in CEPT! Then followed fiveand a half years at that Institution, a time of self-discovery and Design-Education... where our friendship flourished, amidst Submissions, Time-Problems and RSP!!
 There are many other memories; you sharing your Sureshbhai-canteen walla breakfasts with me...चना-पोहा was our favourite!! It was so, so sweet of you to do that...You were a great, motivating friend,spurring me on when BD or FD became far too much for me to handle and I would have been rubbish at Colour Workshop if it wasn't for you showing me the ropes and demonstrating how to use watercolours.  There are truckloads of lovely memories I can think of, us cooking a meal of parathas, or omlettes at home together, when we visited my Dad and Ba...  going shopping for materials together, when MODEL-MAKING days dawned!!

A lot of time has passed, since we met- about 12 odd years, since you joined IDC after we graduated ...and we lost touch...I'm eternally grateful to FB, for getting us back in touch!

I'll write again tonight, and will wait for your reply! Like you said, a 'daily'-a-day!! I'll go and fix my kids' dinner now; maternity beckons...!!
Love to you n Raina, hugs n kisses too!