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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mothers and Birthdays..!

My Dear, sweet Mon,

How are you?! I remembered you a lot on Sunday, your Birthday.... I wondered if you'd had a good day and how your little girl must have felt, singing 'Happy Birthday...' to you, and if you all got some time to rest and relax as a family! I wish now that I had, but I know I failed miserably in finding the tools and the time to wish you in the conventional sense. (By 'conventional' I mean 'real' of course). Let me elaborate, and please do not think that I'm trying to make excuses for my failures, I simply present the facts. Since I came to India in the beginning of the month, I have watched my daughters' delight in discovering their Motherland for the first time! They giggled and beamed when we rode in an auto-rickshaw, sampled their first pani-puri and met all their little cousins, nanimas, nanabapus, (my Faibas, Fuasahebs, Masiba and Masasaheb) and gaped at the crazy traffic and the sheer volume of people and animals in the bustling streets. Then, disaster struck and my phone just 'died' on me, leaving Dad holding the bill.... He got it repaired but that too, did not last long... (2 days). In the meanwhile, I was driving around town to make decisions like which school and which Doctor (one of my little girls developed a high temperature this week and I was worried it could be Malaria....

In the midst of all that, I paused to think of and pray for you and Preeti (Shastri), my dear girls who celebrate their Birthday this week. When I visited CEPT and met Krishna Ma'am, I could feel my voice break when she asked me how I was doing. The love and tenderness in her voice for all SID students is the reason why we flock, time and again, to the Campus, to see her and our other Professors, and seek their blessings. She is still very much the same stellar, dignified, charismatic lady we all had the good fortune to have learned from! As we SIDians celebrate our 25th Foundation Day on 2nd September 2015, I and all our friends, both present and those in absentia, will no doubt remember the uniquely important role SID played in shaping our lives. I am looking forward to attending the Foundation Day programmes with my two daughters. I will share the memories of that day with you after I return home on the 4th of September.

Hope you and your little family are all well! It is always a delight to hear from you, Mon, so keep those posts coming! As you know, when our daughters grow up, we are presented with a new set of challenges and questions in our role as mothers and fathers. Now that Shivu is almost as tall as me (just under a few inches to go!) and Rani amazes me with her ability to win hearts and touch lives, I discover that it is a long road to tread, and challenges and difficulties crop up at every step...

Well, more on those later!
Meanwhile, give my love nad hugs to your little Raina and I sign off with all my love,