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Monday, May 21, 2012

Shooting to Paint, not Kill....

I've got to update my GEN on Cameras, esp. the digital SLRs... any good sites/links etc to explore my Nikon D3000 and its best features?? The camera manual is only cursory, and I'm sitting down with the two CDs that came in the pack last month... raring to go, but unsure how to get the result I am looking for... I prefer to use more Manual modes, you know... sort of expore the best features for myself...Haven't even taken it out and about yet... : (
I remember my Dad requesting Upendra, ( aapdi Niki's hubby!) to buy me a Nikon FM10 from Singapore in 2000. Previously, during our Photography studio in 2nd year, SID, I had made do with my Uncle's Cannon, (Fuasaheb and my Lataba Faiba's husband)  which had a splendid zoom lens, but was unserviced and had a problem with the film exposure to light...something I discovered later, after I got my prints back from the Imaging Studios...

Having learned the basics of Photography from Jaladhi, (our SID Senior and a terrific guy with a Camera) I have long nursed a desire to paint with my camera the way an artist does with a brush... Last month, Raj brought my dream closer within my grasp by gifting me a digital SLR...but I'm terrified of damaging it, (it starts raining out here at the drop of a hat!!)
I guess, like most things in life, I just have to take it out, use it, and learn from the experience! So far, I had been too busy with work, home and family to focus on myself and my desires... but now, having done Cycletta Bedfordshire 2012 again, I feel I can take the Camera in my hands and go out and about training myself to use it... trust it and above all, KNOW it!
I'll be keeping you updated, with how I do, how the experience pans out, how and where I get inspired to shoot with it...!! First up: I'll take it for a ride on my bicycle early tomorrow morning, if I can wake up after the insomnia of excitement that has, inexplicably, gripped me today until the late hours now!!
More later!!!